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There has been a push on in recent years to encourage website owners to obtain a digital security certificate in order to make their website secure. This means that any communication to or from the website will be encrypted, and safe for gathering information, such as email addresses and especially credit card numbers.

At one time, these digital certificates came with a hefty price tag, but prices have dropped dramatically in recent years. Web browsers have always used a tiny icon to identify when a website is secure (a closed lock, and the address beginning with 'https') but more recently, they are providing more information, which sometimes causes concern to visitors of non-secure websites. For example, 'Chrome', the most popular browser in use today, with nearly 70% useage, has implimented new features that read into the details of any website, and display details regarding that websites level of security. As of lsat month (July 2018) Chrome is letting visitors know about every website's security status. Even if your website does't gather payment info, or email addresses, visitors feel that a website is somehow unsafe when it doesn't show the security status as being secure. Chrome's notification on your website of being 'Not Secure' is enough to scare some visitors from remaining on your website.

There is yet another reason to change your website strategy to make it secure. It is SEO, or search engine optimization. Although Google says the benefit to search results will be minimal, some studies have shown drastic improvements in website traffic after changing the website to being secure. This alone is reason enough to get your website secured.

I can see a time when secure websites will be the norm, and developing and hosting them will always result in the creation of a secure website, but we are not there yet, by any means. It is still a matter of implementing the secure certification after the website is built and has been hosted. It is a manual process that takes a bit of time.

So for a very low cost, and not much effort, your website can reap the benefits of having the notification of 'Secure' when visitors check on your site. They will feel more comfortable to visit the site, and to remain there, and to use a credit card if your website offers direct sales. The hidden benefit is more traffic to your website, as Google boosts your ranking due to your secure status. It's a win-win situation and we can help you to benefit from it.