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A number of website design firms are pushing their preferred method of building websites, and in so doing, making false claims about the methods they choose not to use. One such article compares html to php, citing php as being superior. php code also uses html (which they forgot to mention) and modern html uses other scripting such as javascript, cascading style sheets and others. While javascript and CSS files are downloaded and implimented on the client's browser, php, asp, and other programming codes are implimented at the web server. Because server code will execute server tasks, such as allowing a database to communicate with an html web page, html is still required to have that content appear.

One website implied that html was the early language of the web, back in 1995, and that it has long been replaced with 'superior' code generated by CMS solutions and other coding languages. I decided to look at some modern websites, such as Rolls Royce, and others, and found html was the code used, with links to javascript, css, and other types of scripting. So no, html is certainly not dead, nor will it be any time soon. The latest version of the standard that defines html is HTML5. Far from 'quaint' (as one developer referred to it) it is the backbone of the web. Browsers read html code, which in turn contains links to other scripting languages. One recent article asked which CMS system your website used, implying that those who hard code raw HTML are somehow outdated.

Here at Webberman, we've been hard-coding HTML for over twenty years. We keep up with current changes and implement them in all websites we develop. We are fast at what we do, so in our case, working in raw HTML is probably faster than some others using a CMS solution.

Another misleading article began by stating that it is faster to create a website with a CMS solution rather than hard-coding it. Yes, there may be truth in that. But then they go on to say how Google gives higher ranking for faster websites. Woah! Google doesn't favor websites that were fast to build, it favors websites that LOAD fast! Most CMS websites take longer to load, compared to a well coded html website. Yes, html may take a little longer to develop, but it LOADS faster, and that is what Google is looking for. Does Google care about or even know how long it took to build your website? Of course not, it's only the load time they are concerned about. Considering that a half-second of load time translates to 20% of visitors staying at or leaving your website, this is something you need to be aware of. Not only does Google favor fast-loading websites, but so do your potential customers.

So for tried and true methods, resulting in fast-loading websites, higher rankings, and more customers remaining on your website, consider having Webberman develp a new website for your business.