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A click farm is usually located in a developing country, and uses real people to artificially boost likes, subscriptions, followers, downloads, and reviews. The popularity of click farms is on the rise, due to search engines, and social media sites, recognizing artificial traffic generated by bots. By using real humans, it is very difficult to differentiate between an actual customer or site visitor, and someone clicking thousands of times a day in a far off country.

Because more than 30% of potential buyers will look for likes, ratings, reviews and followers, many online businesses feel that a positive profile is worth paying for, even if the results are fake.

Although click farm practices violate most social media rules, there are no specific laws in place to protect consumers.

Websites such as claim the practice is legal. In fact, it breaches many laws regarding mis-representation and false claims made in order to gain sales. Before you run off and buy clicks though, you should be aware of this fact:

Facebook, Twitter and other social media use 'Engagement Rates' as a measurement. It basically looks at a click and sees if other action was taken. If you use a click farm for a period of time, then discontinue it, your engagement rates will plummet. This is because the volume of social media activity will drop, while the number of fake followers will remain high. That alone is reason not to even consider using a click farm.

Here at Webberman, we use solid SEO when we build your website, without link farms, click farms, fake numbers or any other gimmicks. The major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, will find the important words and phrases that your potential customers search for, drawing them to your website. This is the only tried-and-true method of gaining and keeping web traffic, and is the only method we use and recommend.