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In October of 2015, we wrote about cheap web hosting. Despite that article, it seems as though thousands upon thousands are drawn to the host, 'GoDaddy', claiming they are the best North American web host. They certainly spend a lot on advertising, and some of their racier ads have actually been banned. This is likely a large part of why they are so popular. But are they really the best choice for web hosting?

Our photo above illustrates a typical off-shore data center where standards are lower than in North America. Notice the floor fan attempting to cool off the servers, a mish-mash of assorted computers, each with a mess of wires hanging off the back just waiting for someone to bump into them and bring the network down.

You may not be aware that in Sept of 2012, GoDaddy lost control of its services, almost entirely. The situation resulted in nearly every one of their hosted websites, and most of their email services and domains to go offline. This was MILLIONS of websites that went dark! At first they reported that they had come under attack by a group of hackers known as 'Anonymous'. The day after the attack, Scott Wagner, Go Daddy interim CEO, sent out a press release that the service outage was not a hack or a denial of service attack, but that it was an internal problem, caused by a number of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. This information was written about in Forbes magazine. I'm not sure if it would be better to blame a hacker, or admit to internal faults.

In case you believe that your GoDaddy-hosted website will be served from the USA, the company only owns one data center in the USA, and leases 8 others, some in the USA, but others overseas. If you want a fast website, you probably don't want it in GoDaddy's Singapore data center, where it will take a lot longer for local users to see, and respond to your pages.

GoDaddy already has a bad reputation by buying domain names which users search for, and then inflating the value of these domains when users return to purchase them. To add to this bad practice, the prior CEO, Bob Parsons, killed a wild elephant in Zimbabwe, then boasted about it on social media, which brought even more negative press to the company.

If you're ready to leave GoDaddy - whether because of their advertising tactics that they just won't change, poor judgment by its executive team, unethical business practices, carelessness for its existing customers or inability to control/maintain its own services properly, you can turn to Webberman for your hosting needs. We use a data center located in Toronto, and protected by our own private IP address.

Our service is fast, reliable, secure and affordable. Just contact us and we'll move your existing webiste to our servers, and can also help you with moving your domain name. You can relax, knowing your website is in good hands, and being served quickly to your visitors, and also to Google and other search engines when they come looking. All of this helps you with higher ranking.