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There are many ways to build a website. There are coders and html authors (such as ourselves) who work from the ground up. There are those designers using page creation software such as WordPress, and the do-it-yourselfers using WIX or other similar websites to generate a page. In this field, you often get what you pay for. (or more accurately, you won't get what you don't pay for)

Let's start with answering a question. Why have a website? For starters, it's an essential thing today, to have a website. More importantly, it can bring new business when people find you through a search. But having a website is not a guarantee that you'll be found in searches. When someone searches for a product or service, they will use a search engine such as Google, and type in words related to what they are looking for. Google then goes to its own database to find related websites. Some of those results will appear on the first page, while others may be buried too deep to be useful. This is where you start getting what you pay for. A properly-authored website will maximize words and phrases that your customers may be searching for, while minimizing the excess code that is all too common on generated sites. Bottom line, a generated website may cost you less, but will usually bring in less business. To make matters worse, if it is a slow-loading website, (as many 'generated' websites are) your ranking will be lowered even more by Google and other engines. Does this mean you must spend a fortune on a website? Read on ...

Here at Webberman, we've been developing websites from scratch for over twenty years. We understand how the whole thing works. Our experience has also allowed us to provide the best of hand-authored websites at prices comparable to generated sites, but with all the benefits of being coded by an html author, not simply made from page-builder software.

To answer the question at the beginning of this story, a lot depends on who you are hiring and how they go about building websites. $350 can get you a badly-coded website, generated by page creation software, and one which will do very poorly in searches. You have just thrown your money away. On the other hand, $350 could get you a small basic page, hand-authored by an html professional, and one which will rank well in searches. Your $350 has been well spent. More realistically though, a professinal website should run you upwards of $800 - depending on what features and complexity you require.

If you are looking to attract new customers who are searching online for the product or service you provide, a basic web presence may be all you need. Webberman can offer anything from a basic $350 page (with several sections, navigation, etc) to a more advanced website costing more. But know what you are paying for. Paying someone to use do-it-yourself software makes no sense, as the results won't be very good. If you put your money into a professionally-coded page or website, you will see returns on your investment.